Jonny Ambrose MA

In my works I explore a lifelong passion for design, forms, maps and automobiles.

My artworks have been exhibited worldwide at prestigious events & galleries. I was a stalwart of the automotive art scene from 1995 to 2004.

From 2002, my computer games career took centre stage. I co-founded the successful studio FreeStyleGames, and helped create critically acclaimed games in the Guitar Hero & DJ Hero series.

Yearning to make tactile hand-crafted 3D forms again, I returned to what I love doing most – creating beautiful, sculptural works of art.

Creative Craftsmanship, Elegantly Engineered

I combine traditional craftsmanship with modern software based engineering.

Processes used range from steam bending wood at my workshop, to computer controlled manufacturing: CNC milling, laser cutting, or additive printing.

Steamed wood is individually shaped by me to create complex flowing forms.

Software and engineering allow me to include precision surfaces or intricate forms, impossible to achieve by hand.

My Inspiration

Themes that inspire my work range from mechanical and aerodynamic 3D forms through to 2D graphics, patterns, maps and blueprints: race cars – a blur of colour and form carving through the air – and roads snaking through the landscape contours.


Bespoke Commissions

Every client’s artwork is a creative collaboration with me – your requirements are key.

I design concepts and produce images for your feedback throughout the design process, before the final artwork is agreed.

Many hours go into making custom jigs to create the final forms. Each artwork is carefully constructed and finished in my workshop studio.

Some designs involve using my trusted technical partners: specialists in engineering, CNC milling, lasering, metal finishing, and additive manufacturing.

The result is a beautiful work of art for you to cherish.

Attention to Detail

“We’ve been impressed by Jonny’s enthusiasm, materials, and eye for detail throughout the project”

– Alex Zoro, Founder and CEO, Pixel Toys

I always seek perfection, because the lasting impression of a work of art is measured by its presence and continued allure.

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