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An Aerodynamic Inspired Sculpture, with steam bent twisting long tail wood section.

Created by Jonny Ambrose, 2017.

This sculpture is an unique piece, 1 of 1 only.

Oak Hardwood, Iroko Hardwood, Chromed Steel CNC Milled, Printed Composite.

1087 x 195 x 90 mm, free standing.

Created with sustainable sourced English oak, chromed steel and reclaimed iroko hardwood.


Now residing in a private client’s collection, Australia.



This Aerodynamic Inspired Sculpture is inspired by the iconic Porsche 917. The beautiful curves of the 917 are captured in this sculpture, where the ‘long tail’ in German is called ‘Langheck’. This work imagines the airflow from the top of the body, twisting in the wake of the car at speed.