ABOUT: Automotive Sculpture inspired by the elegant frontage and flanks of a Rolls Royce Ghost


EDITIONS: 9 individually numbered editions only.

SIZE: L 48cm x W 16 x H 10 approximate ( 19 inches x 6 x 4).

YEAR: 2019

WEIGHT: 2-3kg approximate.

AVAILABLE NOW: 1x Edition available currently.

AVAILABILITY: Other editions will be made to order. More than 3 available in the series available at present.

PRICES: From £2290 GBP for Beech hardwood version. From £2470 for Walnut hardwood. Please email me to enquiries/ purchases.



Body inner: Steam bent Hardwood (beech/ oak/ walnut),

Body outer & grill surround: Polished Nickel Plated Aluminium,

Integral plinth: Carbon fibre on Acrylic base, or Brushed Aluminium, or Hardwood.

Grill: Laser Sintered (3d-Printed) Nylon.

INSPIRATION: The strong lines of the Rolls Royce Ghost are the inspiration behind this minimalist, contemporary work of art.

SHIPPING COSTS: Please email me to enquiries/ purchases.

DISPLAY CASES: Gallery grade, UV bonded display cases are available to purchase.

IMAGE GALLERY: Image shows CG CAD design render for illustration purposes.

ARTWORK: This sculpture is an evocation, a stylised personal interpretation of an existing real world automobile. This work of art or the artist has no affiliation with Rolls Royce.