‘Porsche 956’ – SOLD


Jonny AmbroseĀ 2019

This version is a unique artwork. 1 of 1 only. 2019

Walnut hardwood, Carbon Fibre, Obeche hardwood, Staron Composite base.

520 x 140 x 60 mm approximate.


Deliberately angular portrayal of the iconic and successful Le Mans winner in the 1980s. A timeless race car design, with it’s long flowing tail and massive underside venturi tunnels creating downforce and trubulance, shown by the contrasting shards behind it.

The angular nature of this piece is in reference to my past career in the Videogames industry, where years ago, creating life like models from low polygons was a real skill to describe a curved surface with as few vertex points as possible. Hence the shapes seen in this work.

Price SOLD