‘Whale Tail’

‘Whale Tail’ sculpture is inspired by the iconic 1970s Porsche 935, also known as ‘Moby Dick’. Create your unique artwork, choosing your own specification from stunning materials.

limited numbered edition of:9 editions in black
9 editions in white
size (car):40×12.5×7.5cm / 16x5x3inch approx.
size (plinth):50x18x9cm / 20x7x3.5 inch approx.
weight:2.5 kg/ 5.5 lbs approx.
artwork code:Type 055
availability:2 in build
buy from (£GBP):£2,790

About the sculpture:

THE INSPIRATION – The legendary Porsche 935 was nicknamed the ‘Wlale Tail’ & also ‘Moby Dick’ for its extra long sweeping rear end. The 935, in it’s many guises, won every one in every 3 races it entered.

THE SCULPTURE – This sculpture accentuates the sleek form and swept tail section, using multiple vertical planes in flame polished acrylic. Carbon fibre, anodised wheel rims and 3d printed elements all feature in this artwork. The race-car flared wheel arches also feature on this dramatic looking sculpture.

THE LOOK – The distinctive, deep recessed red ‘BBS’ ‘turbo fan’ rims are portrayed by CNC lathed aluminium, anodised with colour. Purchasers can choose their own bespoke custom specification, and even select a ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ version, where each side looks different (by choosing different wheel options per side).

Further images:

These images are currently CG CAD design renders for illustration purposes of the different material combinations.

NOTE: all sculptures come with an integral plinth base in various materials (see ‘Material options’ section below).

Material options:

Below shows the material options for each sculpture section.

wheel rimswingbody
nickel plated aluminiumYY
anodised coloursY
carbon fibreYY
flame polished acrylic b/wYY
3d printed b/wYY
oak / walnutY

Sculpture versions & specifications:

Below are the different sculpture versions available, their material specifications, and guide prices.

‘STEALTH ALL BLACK’ versionBlack everything with carbon fibre accents, 3D printed lattice wheels, white or black flame polished acrylic plinth.£3,150
‘JEKYLL & HYDE’ version2 looks – different wheels/ details on different sides. mix of metal wheels and black 3d printed wheels, aluminium plinth.£3,690
‘BLACK CARBON ANODISED’ versionBlack acrylic body, carbon fibre wing/ window, colour anodised rims, bushed aluminium base (6mm deep).£3,890
‘WHITE ANODISED’ versionWhite acrylic body, wings, spoiler, colour anodised rims, black acrylic plinth (10mm deep).£3,590
‘WHITEOUT’ versionevery component is white, (including rims / plinth) like a classic carved sculpture.£2,790
‘CUSTOM BESPOKE’choose your own specification.£ POA

Each sculpture comes with:

  • 1 – Each sculpture plinth is signed and dated by the artist.
  • 2 – Certificate of Authenticity, complete with numbered edition, signed and dated by the artist.
  • 3 – Protective baize underside to each plinth.
  • 4 – Protective white cloth gloves, to professionally handle the artwork.

Optional extras:

  • A – Display cases (Gallery grade, UV bonded, with slotted base) available to order.
  • B – Name plaques (personalised details can be engraved/ etched) available to order.


International shipping is available (secure crate / tracked / insured).

Local collection from my workshop is possible by appointment.

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